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Online Banking Frequently Asked Questions

We've worked hard to make your internet banking experience easy. But we expect that you'll still have a question or two before you get started.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions to help you get up and running. They will save you time. Your time matters more to us.

Don't see the answer you're looking for? Visit any of our branch locations or call Bangor Support at 1.877.Bangor1 (1.877.226.4671) to get the assistance you need.

Bangor Online

Question: How do I register for Bangor Online?

Use our application form to register for Bangor Online.
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Question: Are there any requirements for opening a Bangor Online account?

In order to register for Bangor Online, you must have a checking, savings, deposit, investment, or loan relationship with Bangor Savings Bank. If you don’t have an account visit any of our branch locations or call us at 1.877.Bangor1 (1.877.226.4671).
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Question: What is a One-Time Passcode?

A One-Time Passcode is an additional password that you can choose to have sent to you by text message, phone, or email. When an additional passcode is needed, such as when you are accessing your accounts from a “public” computer, you will be able to select which delivery method you would like to use from the methods you enabled. 
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Question: What is the difference between setting a computer as Private or Public?

Our added layers of security help protect you and your account information, by requiring extra information to verify that it’s really you accessing your accounts. Should you have a personal computer that you use often to access Bangor Online, which you trust, you can set that computer as Private. Computers that are set as Private will only require your Bangor Online ID and password to login.
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Question: Should I allow pop-ups for Bangor Online?

Yes. Several features of Bangor Online will open in a new window. To enjoy the full functionality of your online banking, you will want to either allow pop-ups for each online banking session, or choose to always trust pop-ups from Bangor Online.
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Question: How do I add an additional user? 

Under the "Additional Services" menu in the main navigation, you will see a link called "Share access with other." This link will take you to the page where you can add additional users and manage their permissions. 
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Question: What happens once I add an additional user?

Once you save the additional user, they will receive an email at the address you provided for them with directions on how to set up their account. Once they activate their account, the date of their most recent login will be displayed next to their name on the share account access page. 
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Question: What will my additional users be able to access?

Additional users will only be able to see accounts they were granted access to when you, as the account holder, set them up. For the accounts to which they have access, they will be able to see the balance and transaction history, view deposit images (if supported) and download the transaction history. Additional users will be able to make transfers and bill payments from accounts for which these permissions were granted. The additional user will not be able to access FinanceWorks, Purchase Rewards, Online Statements or other pages within Bangor Online. They will also be unable to access your account from their mobile device (mobile web or mobile application). 
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Question: Will I be notified when my additional user performs a transaction?

You will not be notified when the additional user makes transfers. If you have given them access to BillPay, you will be notified when they submit bill payments just as you are notified today. 
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Question: I granted transfers permission but my additional user cannot make a transfer. Why?

In order to make account transfers, you must grant additional user transfers permission to both the "to" and the "from" accounts. It's possible that the additional user cannot make transfers between the accounts that you intended them to transfer between because you did not grant transfers permissions for one of those accounts. 
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Question: Can I give an additional user access to particular accounts?

Yes, you can do this by granting either view only or transfer/BillPay permissions to the set of accounts you want the additional user to see and access. 
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Question: Can I prevent an additional user from making transfers between my accounts?

Yes, you can prevent transfers between accounts by only giving the additional user "view only" access to the account. 
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Question: Can I edit my additional user's account information such as their email address, phone number, user name or password?

You can edit the additional user's name, email address, phone number and permissions by clicking the "Edit" link next to their name on the Access Manager page. Account holders cannot edit an additional user's username and password. The additional user must do this by logging in and making these changes in the "My Profile" menu.  
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Question: What if my additional user forgets their username and password?

The additional user can easily reset their password or retrieve their username using the links on the online banking login page. Additionally, the account holder can call Bangor Savings Bank at 1-877-226-4671 to have the additional user's password reset. 
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Question: Will you require Account Holders to accept a disclosure prior to accessing the Share Account Access page?

The Account Holder will be prompted to accept the terms and conditions on the Grant Access screen when they are adding their first additional user (will not be prompted when adding additional users). 
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Bangor BillPay

Question: How do I sign-up for Bangor BillPay?

Bangor BillPay is fully integrated with Bangor Online. To sign-up, simply login to your Bangor Online account, click the Bangor BillPay tab, and follow the directions to register.
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Question: What is required to open a Bangor BillPay account?

You will need a Bangor Savings Bank checking account in order to use Bangor BillPay. You can register multiple checking accounts to pay bills from various accounts. Don’t have a checking account? Visit any of our branch locations or call us at 1.877.Bangor1 (1.877.226.4671).
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Question: How will I know when a payment is due?

Alerts and reminders are a feature of Bangor BillPay. You can select how you want to be reminded for each bill you have.
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Question: Can I receive my bill within Bangor BillPay?

Many institutions will allow you to register for electronic delivery of your bill, directly to Bangor BillPay. Now you can view and pay your bills from one convenient location.
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Question: What if my payee requires a check?

For payees that do not accept electronic payments, a check will be sent in the mail, scheduled to arrive on your due date. We recommend that you schedule the due date a few days ahead, to allow for processing time on the payee’s end.
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Question: I want to grant BillPay access to a particular account but the permission is not showing up in the list for that account. Why is this?

The BillPay permission will only display for accounts that you have already setup as BillPay funding accounts. If you want to grant BillPay permissions to an account that is not currently a funding account, you must first go to the BillPay page and add this account as a funding account and then attempt to add an additional user again. The BillPay permission should then display for this account. 
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Question: Can I place a limit on the amount of money my additional user can move?

Yes, you can limit the amount of money an additional user can move via BillPay. When you grant BillPay permissions for an account, you will be prompted to enter a transaction limit. You cannot grant access to BillPay without defining a transaction limit. Any transactions submitted by the additional user that exceed this limit will require your approval before they process. We do not currently support transaction limits for internal (book) transfers. 
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Question: Where do I go to approve BillPay transactions submitted by an additional user?

You can approve additional user transactions on the same page where you manage their permissions. To access this page, login to your account and under the "Additional Services" menu, click on the "Share access with others" link. The transactions that require your approval will be displayed at the top of this page with buttons to approve or deny the transactions. 
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Question: I see the "Approval Needed" icon next to BillPay transactions on the home page but I don't see these payments on the BillPay page. Why is this?

Transactions that are pending approval do not show up on the main BillPay page. However, they will show up with a status of PENDING on the BillPay transaction history page. Transactions that are approved by the account holder will show up as a normal scheduled payment on the main BillPay page. Transactions that are declined by the account holder will not be displayed on the BillPay page
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Question: What is FinanceWorksTM?

FinanceWorks is a free service that is part of your Bangor Online account. With FinanceWorks, you can aggregate all of your account information in one place, even accounts at other institutions. The categorization feature allows you to see where your money is going, and you can even set goals to help manage your spending.
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Question: How do I sign-up for FinanceWorks?

Simply sign-in to Bangor Online, click on FinanceWorks, and follow the instructions. Signing up is fast, easy, and free.
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Question: What transactions can I see in FinanceWorks?

For accounts that you enable, you can see all transaction activities. Whether it be purchases from your credit cards, or payments on a loan, everything is pulled together to give you one financial picture. Even BillPay is fully integrated, so that you can see where payments are being made and also when bills are coming due.
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Question: How do I set spending goals?

Spending goals are based on categories. To set a goal, select a category and decide what you want your spending limit to be. You can even receive alerts when you are close to or over your limit. And since categories are fully customizable, you can create a goal for just about anything.
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Question: What if I have a mix of business and personal accounts?

There is a separate list of categories for business expenses, making it easy to track your personal and business finances separately.
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