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Credit Cards

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Convenience, control, protection, and purchasing power - Bangor Savings Bank Credit Cards give you the ability to manage your everyday spending and your larger purchases effectively.

Consumer Credit Card Visa

Your ability to manage your personal finances really matters to us. That's why we provide you a wide selection of credit cards - so you can choose the one that's right for you. It's also why we continue to offer new and innovative financial solutions for your credit cards such as Apple Pay and chip card technology. 

The Bangor Savings Bank Visa and American Express chip enabled credit cards provide you with peace of mind with this extra layer of security when used at chip supported terminals. Or simply pay with the tap of your fingerprint at Apple Pay qualified terminals.

Consumer Credit Card AMEX

So, whether you are looking for credit card to save on interest, to earn rewards on all of your purchased, or with a no pre-set spending limit, we have credit cards that can fit your needs. And, because they're Visa and American Express cards, all of them come with many features and benefits that provide you the financial flexibility, security, and convenience that you expect and deserve.

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