Bangor Debit MasterCard

Safer than cash. Faster than checks. Common Sense.

Bangor Debit MasterCard

With the card that's a cash card, check card, rewards card, and a secure card - using your Bangor Savings Bank Debit MasterCard® to make everyday purchases is just common sense.  Visit any branch with instant issuance and receive your new or replacement debit card on the spot.


Accepted at more than 25 million merchants worldwide, with 24 hour banking at ATMs worldwide, and tools to track your spending any time of day online with Bangor Online - the Bangor Debit MasterCard may just be the most convenient card in your wallet. Debit Benefits »


Bangor Savings Bank Debit MasterCard's are now activated with — Apple Pay! We strive to bring you innovate financial solutions and are working diligently with our vendor partners to bring Samsung Pay, Android Pay and other mobile payment solutions to you as well.

Safer and More Secure

Safer then carrying cash, MasterCard® Zero Liability also protects you from paying for unauthorized purchases* on your card and MasterCard® SecureCode™ provides added security when shopping online. Combined with some basic steps you can take to keep your card secure, you can enjoy peace of mind when using your Bangor Debit MasterCard.
Security Features »


As a Bangor Online customer, enjoy our unique cash discount debit rewards program Purchase Rewards, which saves you money on the things you already buy. At MasterCard MarketPlace™, all Bangor Debit MasterCard holders can receive discounts of 5% - 20% from over 25,000 merchants across the U.S.

Platinum Bangor Debit MasterCard

In addition to all the standard features included with the Debit MasterCard, all of our Benefit Plus Checking customers automatically qualify for our Platinum Bangor Debit MasterCard® providing extra protections and assurances.

* Visit for complete terms and conditions.

* For after-hours lost, stolen or fraudulent transactions, please call 1.800.264.5578 

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