Growing companies have different HR and compliance administration needs.

Bangor Payroll® and HR Services offers a variety of HR and compliance solutions for every business size. Our best practice HR guidance will help you save time on benefits administrative tasks and help you better manage your employees.

Labor Law Poster and Update Service

With the ever-changing climate of labor law posting requirements, we developed this service to assist you in staying compliant.
Bangor Payroll’s labor law eUpdate service includes:
  • Initial up-to-date, all-in-one Labor Law Poster
  • Continued posting compliance throughout the year—eUpdate service provides updated postings via email with every mandatory or recommended federal, state, city, and county change
  • You will receive an updated all in one State and Federal Labor Law Poster every year on the anniversary of your subscription

HRIS Module

Bangor Payroll® offers a fully integrated HRIS module. Clients can develop an applicant-tracking database along with interview process for prospective employees. Clients can track equipment held by employees, insurance carriers, driver's licenses, provide training or education, and even COBRA-qualifying events. This module offers reporting tools to assist with many administrative processes.
HRIS functionality includes:
  • Tracking applicants and prospective hires through the interview process
  • Managing employee insurance carriers, drivers' licenses, and certifications
  • Provide training or education tracking on diversity, workplace safety and COBRA-qualifying events
  • Tracking equipment held by employees


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