We have recently added several enhancements and self-service features to your Bangor Debit Mastercard® that will make your experience more convenient and secure.

 Enhanced Fraud Protection

If we detect unauthorized debit card activity or suspected fraud, you will now be alerted via an automated email, text, or phone call from us to verify a transaction.

If a transaction is deemed suspicious on your card, an automated email will be sent first requesting you to call our new fraud service company. If no response is received, an automated text will be sent, followed up with a phone call. Should you run into any issues our Bangor Support team is available 7 days a week to answer your questions. 

Card Activation Experience

To activate your card call 1.877.Bangor1 and select your PIN if receiving a NEW card or use your existing PIN if
you received a renewal card.

After-Hours Lost, Stolen, or Fraudulent Transactions Process

Should you lose your debit card, have it stolen, or suspect fraud after hours, we have a dedicated team available to assist you at 1.877.Bangor1.

Cardholder Support Updates

As a new self-service feature, to update or change your PIN you can now call 1.877.Bangor1. You will be asked a series of prompts for authentication and then be able to update or change your PIN. Our Bangor Support team will no longer be processing PIN changes on behalf of cardholders. 


More ways to pay and better security with tap and chip card technology.


Accepted at millions of merchant locations and 24-hour banking at ATMs worldwide. 


Tap and chip card technology. You can pay by:
  • TAP. Hold your card close to the card reader. Authorize as prompted.
  • INSERT. Place your card with the chip face-up into the card reader. Wait, authorize, and remove.
  • SWIPE. Swipe your card through the reader and authorize.

You can also link your card to your mobile wallet—compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay!

Safer and More Secure 

Mastercard® Zero Liability*  protects you from paying for unauthorized purchases* on your card.
Mastercard® Identity Check leverages the new industry 3D Secure standards for helping to protect payments and online transactions.  


Unique cash discount debit rewards program Purchase Rewards, which saves you money on the things you already buy.

Platinum Bangor Debit Mastercard® 

All of our Benefit Plus® Checking customers automatically qualify for our Platinum Bangor Debit Mastercard®.

Mastercard Guide to Benefits