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Bangor Savings Bank Credit Cards give you the ability to manage your everyday spending and your larger purchases effectively. Your credit matters, so we are here to help you choose which one is right for you.

The Bangor Savings Bank Visa and American Express chip-enabled credit cards provide you with peace of mind with this extra layer of security when used at chip-supported terminals.

So, what kind of credit card needs are you looking for? Whatever you’re looking for, we have it!

With a Bangor Savings Bank Card, you can:

  • Save on interest
  • Earn rewards
  • Have a no-preset spending limit

Discover mobile purchasing.

Make payments with your compatible Apple®, Android ® or Samsung® phone, tablet or watch, without ever opening your wallet!

Streamlined checkout.

When checking out, you’ll use your phone instead of swiping your card. Simply hold your phone near the terminal and approve your purchase.

Add your card to your phone easily.

Whether you have an Apple, Android or Samsung device—setup is simple with each technology. In most cases, you add your card with your phone’s camera.

Feel secure.

Mobile payments do not share your information. A virtual card number is created, used for purchases and keeps your data safe. Visit your phone provider website for more information on security.

Learn more.

  • Apple Pay works with: iPhone®, iPad® and Apple Watch™.
  • Google Pay works with: NFC-enabled Android devices.
  • Samsung Pay works with: Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, and later phones.

Visit the helpful Mobile Payments Website for more details!

And, because they're Visa and American Express cards, all of them come with many features and benefits that provide you the financial flexibility, security, and convenience that you expect and deserve—with the added helpfulness of Bangor Savings Bank.

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