Simple and secure. Making it easy to pay your bills.

Forget about writing checks. With Bangor BillPay, you can pay anyone in the U.S. right from your computer or mobile device. Bangor BillPay is free and fully integrated with Bangor Online and the Bangor Mobile App.

Manage Your Bills

Whether you can pay your bills electronically or need to send a check, add all your bills in Bangor BillPay and manage your payments in one convenient place.

Set Up Reminders

With BillPay, you can set up alerts and decide when you'd like to be reminded. The choice is yours. You can even set up recurring, automatic payments so that you never have to worry about missing a due date.

Easy to Use Dashboard

The Bangor BillPay screen shows all of your registered bills, as well as pending payments and recent payments  and enables you to easily pay any or all of your bills on the spot.