Card Processing Solutions

From credit to debit to gift, we offer the complete solution.

Bangor Savings Bank’s Merchant Card Processing Services provides merchants with state-of-the-art payment processing solutions for all major credit cards as well as debit cards. 

With Bangor Savings Bank, merchants can offer a wide range of card-based payment options to their customers such as prepaid and credit card processing. Our merchant specialists know that accepting card-based payments can help enhance a business’s cash flow and reduce the staff and time burden of billing and collection.

Retail Solutions

Bangor Savings Bank has solutions specifically for daily business requirements of retailers and offers electronic payment processing services for businesses that accept credit cards and debit cards. Known for its competitive pricing and quality customer service, we provide:
  • Easy-to-use equipment
  • Fast processing response times—especially during peak hours
  • High reliability
  • Customer service staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays

Whether you choose to lease or purchase processing equipment, use existing equipment, or take advantage of value-added PC or Internet-based services, we have a solution to increase your efficiency while lowering costs.

eCommerce/Internet Solutions

Bangor Savings Bank is a leading provider of innovative, comprehensive and secure ePayment solutions. Our expertise and experience allows your business to quickly and efficiently coordinate all aspects of order capture, fulfillment and merchant services.

PC-Based Solutions

To meet retail industry demands for PC-based processing solutions, we've developed services that integrate smoothly with your existing systems. Our innovative solutions give you the capability to manage sales data in single or multiple locations.

Point-of-Sale Solutions

Bangor Savings Bank provides retail merchants with state-of-the-art payment processing solutions for all major credit cards as well as debit cards and checks. Credit card authorizations average 6 – 9 seconds; sales are completed swiftly, improving employee efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction.

Integrated Solutions

Our payment processing solutions have been designed to fully integrate with the leading operating systems for the retail industry. Most retail point-of-sale systems have been certified to be fully compatible, so you can utilize existing technology and maximize efficiency.

Wireless Solutions

Bangor Savings Bank can help you solve your credit card processing needs when telephone lines aren't practical or available with our new cellular phone merchant terminals.

Gift Cards

Rewarding loyal customers and creating new customers are priorities for any business. Bangor Savings Bank’s gift and loyalty card program paves the way to meet these goals, as well as increase store traffic and drive profits, allowing even the smallest merchant to compete with larger retailers. Our easy-to-use program offers three different levels of gift card starter kits so that a merchant can customize the card’s design based on the look and feel of their own business.

Additional gift and loyalty card program benefits include:
  • Ability to replace paper gift certificates and punch cards
  • Increases cash flow
  • Provides customer tracking capabilities
  • Improves professionalism