How to Spot Phishing

Be aware of Phishing trends.

Cybercriminals are getting more creative each day with ways to steal your personal and financial information. Protect yourself by being aware of current trends, like phishing. Phishing is when someone pretends to be someone else in order to gain access to your personal information. Be alert to these trends:

  • Fraudsters may pose as Bangor Savings Bank or a Bangor Savings Bank employee to ask for information which would allow them access to your account. They might email, text, or call you.
  • If you receive a one–time passcode that you didn't request, don't give the code to anyone who contacts you for it. And, please call Bangor Savings Bank directly at 1.877.226.4671 to notify us. 
  • Bangor Savings Bank does use automated fraud alerts. Automated texts, emails, and phone messages will be sent from Bangor Savings Bank if we detect unusual activity; however, if you’re unsure whether an alert is truly from Bangor Savings Bank, please call us directly at 1.877.226.4671.
  • Bangor Savings Bank will never ask for your account number, password, card number, or PIN.