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Join the Buoy Local rewards program and earn points while shopping at the local businesses you love!

Reward yourself. Rewire the local economy.

Buoy Local® is a mobile app-based rewards program that rewards users for shopping locally with rewards points to redeem and spend at participating locally-owned businesses, keeping more money in our communities. To get started, simply link your Bangor Savings Bank Debit Mastercard® to the Buoy Local app1. If you don't have a Bangor Savings Bank Debit Mastercard, you can open up a checking account online to have a debit card directly mailed to you or at your local Maine or New Hampshire Bangor Savings Bank branch to receive your debit card instantly2. Once you download the Buoy Local app1 and connect your card, you can begin earning rewards points at your favorite local spots!

When you make a purchase at a participating business, simply use your card as you typically would at the register, over the phone, or on their online storefront. All Buoy Local Businesses offer 1 point for every $1 spent. You can find all participating businesses in the Buoy Local app1 or our online directory. Rewards points can be redeemed for “Buoy Bucks” (100 points = $1), which will then be refunded to your linked card the next time you shop at a participating business.

Join the Buoy Local Rewards Program

Download the Buoy Local app1 to get started. It’s fast and easy to set up with your Bangor Savings Bank Debit Mastercard or Buoy Local Card.

How to Get Started

Signing up is simple! Get your Bangor Savings Bank Debit Mastercard or Buoy Local Card, download the Buoy Local app1, and connect your card.

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Discover Participating Businesses

Use our directory to learn where you can earn points. Shop at the local businesses you already know and love or try out a new spot!

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Need a Buoy Local Card?

Visit your closest Bangor Savings Bank branch to pick up a card or request one be mailed to you.

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Buoying Our Local Economies

We support local economies by promoting the diverse, locally-owned businesses that define each community.

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