Buoy Local Program®

Buoy Local strengthens local economies by supporting the diverse businesses that define each community with a local rewards program.

What is Buoy Local®?

Buoy Local is a mobile app-based rewards program that promotes locally-owned businesses through innovative technology, keeping more money in our communities. Customers get rewarded for shopping locally with points to spend at participating businesses. Our Buoy Local app1 connects customers to your business and rewards them for shopping with you, which means customers spend more, more often.

How does it work?

Signing up is simple and requires no new terminals or software. Buoy Local users link their Bangor Savings Bank Debit Mastercard® to the Buoy Local app1 to earn points on all their purchases made at participating Buoy Local Businesses. If someone doesn’t have a Bangor Savings Bank Debit Card, they can still be a part of the Buoy Local program by linking any U.S. issued debit or credit card to their Buoy Local account and use a Buoy Local Card to earn rewards. 

Customers are encouraged to visit your business via the Buoy Local app1, our social media posts, and the Buoy Local sticker on your front door. They will transact using a physical card which you can process using your POS system as you currently do. 

Have an online storefront, take over-the-phone payments, or have order ahead or take-out systems? 

Buoy Local users can use their Bangor Savings Bank Debit Card or Buoy Local Card to rack up rewards points by simply using their card information as they normally would, and the transaction will be processed the same as others.

Bangor Savings Bank offers 1 point for every $1 spent. Customers can redeem their rewards points for “Buoy Bucks” (100 points = $1), which will then be refunded to your customers’ linked card the next time they shop at a participating business.

When you become a Buoy Local Business you can:

Attract and Reward Customers

Buoy Local users can find your business on our website and mobile app1.

Track Your When on Your Merchant Portal

Track your metrics and gain insights through the Buoy Local Merchant Portal.

Ready to Become a Buoy Business?

Signing up is quick and easy. Get ready to attract and reward more local customers!