Business Financing

The power to accomplish your dreams.

When you want to grow your business, expand with a new location, or take that next leap of faith step, you can count on Bangor Savings Bank to be your partner. We offer a wide variety of business loans whatever your goals may be. With flexible terms, competitive rates, and local decision making, our team is your one-stop solution!
  • Business Complete Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

    Attached to your Business Complete checking account, this line of credit provides overdraft protection with coverage up to the limit of your credit line.

  • Commercial Real Estate Loans

    A variety of flexible mortgage products and pricing options for many types of properties. Whether you are developing, purchasing, renovating, or expanding, we have the right commercial real estate loan to accomplish your goals. Interest rate protection is also available.

  • Construction Loans

    Interim and long-term financing for renovating, repairing, expanding, or building. Upon completion, we can automatically convert a loan into a long-term commercial mortgage without additional closing costs.

  • Guaranteed Loan Programs

    We can help your business with financing when traditional bank financing may not be an option. As one of Maine's top Small Business Administration lenders,  we have the experience and expertise to help businesses throughout Northern New England, working with the SBA, Finance Authority of Maine (FAME), New Hampshire's Business Finance Authority, Rural Development, and other agencies and guarantee programs.

  • International Services

    Letters of credit and other international banking services through our international and domestic correspondent banks.

  • Letters of Credit

    Letters of credit to provide you with an efficient and cost-effective way to secure contractual agreements and obligations with third parties.
  • Tax-Exempt Financing

    Short-term, tax-exempt financing to municipalities, SADs, RSUs, water/sewer districts, and other qualified tax-exempt entities to meet cash flow needs in anticipation of tax revenues and bond financing.

  • Working Capital Lines of Credit

    Revolving, non-revolving, and asset-based lines of credit to facilitate short- term receivable and inventory financing, as well as general working capital needs.

  • Term Loans and Revolving Equipment Lines of Credit

    Customized term financing to acquire equipment, fund business acquisitions, and meet other long-term needs.