Fraud Protection Services

Protect your accounts against fraud.


ACH Alerts

ACH Alerts is an online fraud mitigation service that allows your organization to reject unauthorized ACH items. You have the option to pay or return items and also to add or edit preauthorized vendors using the ACH Alerts module. The approved list can be modified at any time online to increase or decrease limits or delete inactive debtors. Notification alerts can be established on the account level to notify users via email or text* of any ACH debits that need to be reviewed daily.

Positive Pay

Check fraud is greatly reduced with Bangor Savings Bank’s Positive Pay service, as our Positive Pay system matches checks presented for payment against previously submitted issue data. All check issue files are loaded through on our online portal via a comma delimited or fixed file. Any checks not in the issue file, or checks that differ in payee, dollar amount or check number, are sent to your online portal to manage for payment or return.  Alerts can be setup to notify that you have exceptions to manage.

Check and ACH Block

Check and ACH Block prevents checks and/or ACH from debiting a checking account. Any checks or ACH debits that attempt to debit the selected accounts will be automatically blocked and returned. This mitigates potential fraud by eliminating the possibility of a forged, altered, non-authentic, or unauthorized debit clearing through the account.

Trusteer Rapport

Bangor Savings Bank is serious about protecting our customers from online fraud. As such, we offer Trusteer Rapport, a web browser security plug-in that provides online identity theft and online transaction protection from financial "Trojans" and other client-side attacks.

You can use Rapport to protect your web browser sessions with any website that contains private or personal information. Rapport is entirely transparent and does not require you to change the way you work or sign into these websites. It does not require any configuration or maintenance; you simply install and browse safely. It’s that simple!

Rapport is required for Treasury Online users, and is available for free. Treasury Online users are strongly encouraged to ensure that Rapport is properly installed on every machine that might be used to access Treasury Online.


Save the installation file to your computer, launch the program, and follow the on screen instructions.