Employee Volunteering

Giving back to our communities is at the heart of our culture. It’s who we are as Bangor Savings Bank employees.

Bangor Savings Bank employees are passionate about giving their time, knowledge, and skills to impacting communities across Northern New England. Our employees receive 4 days of paid time off each year to partner with local nonprofits and organizations in their communities. From financial literacy classes to serving at a local food pantry to building affordable housing, giving back is who we are.

Last year, our employees reported over 10,000 volunteer service hours, helping over 500 organizations across Northern New England.

We’re ready to roll up our sleeves.

We want to learn about your community need. Tell us about your organization and volunteer opportunity.

Use the form below to help us learn more about your volunteering needs. We’ll connect you with a local representative to learn how we may be able to get involved. The more information you provide, the better we can serve your organization.

Please describe the activity and kind of work your organization is in need of volunteers for. Examples: If your organization is seeking volunteers to assist with outdoor yard cleanup, share that 5 hedges need to be trimmed and leaves need to be raked in the back and front yard of your organization’s building. If your organization is seeking Board or Committee members, please provide details on the role needed, commitment level, and involvement.
Please share if specific work attire (ex. gloves, boots, etc.) and/or if any physical restrictions (ex. lifting heavy items) are required for this volunteer need.
Please share if volunteers need to bring their own tools and equipment or if they will be provided by your organization.