Accessing Electronic Tax Forms

eStatement customers can now conveniently access tax forms electronically through Bangor Online

Here are some advantages of electronic tax forms:

  • Instant Access: Access your tax forms as soon as they are available, eliminating the need to wait for postal delivery.

  • Enhanced Security: Reduces the risk of physical documents getting lost or stolen.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Electronic tax forms reduce paper waste.

  • Convenience: Access your tax forms from anywhere, at any time, online using your preferred device. 

Please note, electronic tax forms are not accessible through the Bangor Mobile app.

We are confident that electronic access will greatly enhance your tax reporting experience.

How to access your tax forms on Bangor Online:

  1. Log in to Bangor Online Banking.
  2. Navigate to the "eStatements" tab.
  3. Click "View Tax Statements" to view your available tax documents (shown below).

Image of eStatement page on Bangor Online

Current eStatement Customers

If you prefer to receive paper tax forms instead of accessing them electronically, you may contact our Bangor Support team at 1.877.226.4671, visit your local branch for a printed copy, or by unenrolling from eStatements within Bangor Online.

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Non-eStatement Customers

If you wish to receive your tax form electronically and take full advantage of the benefits of eStatements, simply enroll today.

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