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Time-saving, economical solutions for your employee payroll and human resources needs.

As a division of Bangor Savings Bank, we process payroll for thousands of businesses across New England. We have been helping companies with their employee payroll and tax, time and labor, and human resource and compliance needs for more than 20 years with a range of solutions designed to reduce the burden for businesses of all sizes. Bangor Payroll® services and our human resource and compliance solutions assist with the complexity of management, reporting, and compliance associated with state and federal rules and regulations. 

Bangor Savings Bank offers a full suite of business solutions personalized to meet your business needs. From payroll services, financing, cash management to merchant card services, we have all your needs covered. Discover Bangor Savings Bank’s Business Suite.

Payroll Services & Tax Management

Small or large, simple or complex, our payroll services are customizable to meet your needs.

HR & Compliance Admin Solutions

Managing your employees has evolved into a complex administrative task. Learn more about how we can take that task on for you.

Time & Attendance Tracking

From electronic time clocks to the latest online time and attendance technology, we have a solution that works for you.

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Simplify your payroll process with our full-service payroll and tax services for your business.

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At Bangor Payroll®, a division of Bangor Savings Bank, we have been providing payroll and tax management, human resources services, and time and attendance for over 20 years.


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