Enjoy free ATMs anywhere.

We were the first bank in Maine to introduce Free ATMs Worldwide to our customers and now we bring it to our customers all over Northern New England. When you use any ATM, anywhere, just accept the fees presented on the screen and we’ll reimburse all charges to your account within three business days.

Since December 2006 we’ve saved our customers over $40 million in ATM fees they incurred by using non-Bangor Savings ATMs all over the world. At Bangor Savings Bank we don’t require that you keep a minimum balance to enjoy free ATMs, and we don’t restrict the number of free transactions you can make. It is quite simply free. 

How it works

No ATM usage fee is assessed by Bangor Savings Bank when using any ATM in the United States. Accept any fee presented on-screen when you use any ATM and we'll refund the charges within three business days.

International ATM Usage Fees

No ATM usage fee is assessed by Bangor Savings Bank when using an ATM outside of the United States.

When you process an international ATM transaction and the fee is presented separately (clearly showing how much we need to rebate), we will refund ATM usage fees assessed within three business days. However, it is not always clear during an international ATM transaction that a fee has been charged. In these cases where a separate ATM usage fee is not presented, we will automatically rebate $3.00 USD for each international ATM transaction. If the ATM usage fee you pay is more than $3.00 USD, please visit a branch or contact Bangor Support at 1.877.226.4671.