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Welcome to the Corporate Services Resource Center where we have all the tools you need to successfully implement the new Treasury Online!

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The following links will direct you to recorded webinars to assist you with the new online platform:

TOL-Premier: Overview Webinar

TOL-Premier: ACH Pass-Thru

​TOL-Premier: Positive Pay Issue File and Exception Processing

TOL-Premier: Overview with ACH, Wires, and Postive Pay

TOL-Premier: Overview of Balance and Transaction Reports (Creating, Filtering, and Saving)

Business Online-Premier: Simplified Payments (ACH & Wire) and Payee Directory

Video Resource Center

Please explore our library of videos to assist with a variety of services available on Treasury Online-Premier, including:
  • Create and Send Domestic Wire
  • Create and Send ACH Payments
  • Create and Send International Wire
  • System Essentials #1 – Navigation
  • System Essentials #2 – Widget Functionalities
  • System Essentials #3 – Widget Data Features
  • Add New User
  • Balance & Transaction Reporting
  • Create One Time and Recurring Transfers

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