Mortgage Error Disputes

Errors or for information requests for closed end mortgages.

If you believe there is an error on your closed end mortgage account, or if you need more information about a transaction listed on your statement, you must send a qualified written notice of the suspected error or request for information, including your name, account number and a specific question or description of what you believe to be in error and why, or the specific information you are requesting, to:

Loan Services Department 
Bangor Savings Bank 
PO Box 894 
Bangor, Maine 04402-0894

We will acknowledge your written notice within five business days of receipt.

Requests for information on the identity of, address, or relevant contact information for the owner or assignee of your loan, we will respond within ten business days of your request. For all other information requests, we will respond within 30 business days.

For errors in regards to payoff amounts, we will provide an accurate payoff balance amount within seven business days of receipt of notice. With the exception* noted below, we will investigate all other asserted errors and respond within 30 business days of receipt of your notice.

Errors or for information requests for other loan or mortgage products.

If you believe there is an error on your loan or mortgage account, other than a closed end mortgage, please contact Bangor Support for assistance at 1.877.226.4671.

*For suspected errors or problems in regard to first notice or filing for any judicial or non-judicial foreclosure process or moving for foreclosure judgment or order of sale received more than seven days prior to foreclosure sale, we will investigate and respond to you prior to the date of a foreclosure sale or within 30 business days of receipt of notice, whichever is earlier.

You may telephone us, but doing so will not preserve your rights under 12 CFR §1024.35 or 12 CFR §1024.35 and §1024.36.