More ways to pay and better security with tap and chip card technology.


Accepted at millions of merchant locations and 24-hour banking at ATMs worldwide and at Bangor Online. 


Tap and chip card technology. You can pay by:
  • TAP. Hold your card close to the card reader. Authorize as prompted.
  • INSERT. Place your card with the chip face-up into the card reader. Wait, authorize, and remove.
  • SWIPE. Nothing has changed here! Swipe your card through the reader and authorize.

You can also link your card to your mobile wallet—capable with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay!

Safer and More Secure 

Mastercard® Zero Liability* also protects you from paying for unauthorized purchases* on your card and Mastercard®SecureCode™ provides added security when shopping online. 


Unique cash discount debit rewards program Purchase Rewards, which saves you money on the things you already buy.

Platinum Bangor Debit Mastercard® 

All of our Benefit Plus® Checking customers automatically qualify for our Platinum Bangor Debit Mastercard®.


* Visit for complete terms and conditions.
For after-hours lost, stolen or fraudulent transactions, please call 1.800.264.5578