Business debit cards offer security and cost control.

When you’re making everyday purchases for your local business, use your Bangor Savings Bank Debit Mastercard® BusinessCard®. We strive to bring you innovative and secure financial solutions like tap and chip card technology.

With your Bangor Savings Bank Debit Mastercard® BusinessCard® you can pay by:
  • TAP. Hold your card close to the reader. Authorize as prompted.
  • INSERT. Place your card with the chip face-up into the card reader. Wait, authorize, and remove.
  • SWIPE. Nothing has changed here! Swipe your card through the reader and authorize.

The Bangor Savings Bank Debit Mastercard® BusinessCard® is accepted at millions of merchant locations worldwide, has 24-hour banking at ATMs that accept Debit Mastercard, and has tools to track your spending any time of day on your mobile device or online with Bangor Online.
  • Quicker than finding an ATM
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • Accepted at millions of merchants worldwide
  • Zero Liability*—100% protection against unauthorized purchases if your card is lost or stolen
  • No interest charges
  • Easy record keeping
  • Free ATMs worldwide**

Mastercard Guide to Benefits

For after-hours lost, stolen or fraudulent transactions, please call 1.833.337.6075